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Community Self Help

The current cuts to council funding have meant that Suffolk County Council is no longer able to provide some services to Holbrook Parish.  To make up this shortfall a government scheme has been developed called the “Community Self-Help Scheme” which identifies tasks which can be undertaken by a team of parish volunteers.  Details of the tasks and restrictions to their performance can be found at www.suffolk.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/community-self-help-scheme/ 

For Community Volunteers Working in the Highway form.

The tasks to be undertaken are:

Weed clearance from Pavements, Sign Cleaning, Painting Street Furniture, Removing grass soil from sides of Pavements, Cleaning around gratings, Grass cutting, Finger Post repair, Hedge/Tree cutting to remove obstruction of signs, Wildlife verge management and Collecting highway information, recording drainage and other highway features.

If you are able support the “Community Self-Help Scheme”, require further details, or have some suggestions on areas where work is required, please contact CSHS.Holbrook@gmail.com