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Holbrook Helpers

Holbrook Helpers are a group of volunteers put together to assist people who are "isolated" during the current corona virus outbreak and require help.

 Examples of help may be:

          - Essential shopping

          - Collecting prescriptions

          - Exercising a pet

          - Needing a chat

To access this help, call one of the co-ordinators listed below and they will arrange a volunteer to come and assist you.

If you do not get an answer from the first contact, try the next number.

Please do not feel reluctant to call if you need help. All volunteers have freely offered their time and would love to help you.

 * Please note, volunteers cannot offer help with health guidance* " 


Contact Number 



Suzanne Steer 


Joy Squirell 


Reverend Jenny Seggar 


Cynthia Anderson 


Roy Fisk