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Your Parish Council
The Parish Council is the first tier of local government and consists of a number of elected councillors from the Parish, supported by the Clerk.
Holbrook's Parish Council currently has eleven councillors.
The Council was elected in May 2019 and will serve for 4 years until the next election.
The Chairman is elected each year by the council and is currently Cllr John Ambrose.

The Parish Council currently has a vacancy and is looking to co-opt a new councillor in the near future.  Could the new Councillor be you?  If you are interested in becoming a councillor, click HERE for further information.

The  full Parish Council meets usually on the third Monday of the month at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

HPC has two sub-committees:
The Planning Committee meets only when required, for example if the full council cannot meet in time to comment on a planning application or if there is an application which requires extra attention. 

The Finance Committee meet towards the end of the Autumn to plan a detailed budget for the following financial year to present to the full Council for approval.

In addition, The Reade Field Improvement Project Committee is a working group, chaired by Cllr Sally Ingleton was established to investigate the opportunities for improvement and grant funding for the Reade Field. The working group consists of at least three councillors together with representatives who have skills or experiences useful to the project. 

Individual councillors may take on specific roles for example monitoring plans or linking with another organisation. The current list is:

Village Hall Liaison Councillor Ambrose
Alton Water User Group Councillor Sawyer
Emergency Plan Councillors Sawyer & Fisk
SALC Liaison Councillor Martin
Shotley Peninsula Tourism Action Group Councillor Peck
The Police Forum Councillor Sawyer
Tree Warden Councillor Allinson
Churches Together Councillors Holmes & Peck

HPC is responsible for the Reade Field, Church Green and Alton Green. It is responsible for a number of village assets including the war memorial, street lighting and litter and dog bins.
The Parish Council must also be consulted by the District or County Council about a number of issues including planning applications, rights of way surveys and street-naming.

The Parish Council is funded through levying a precept, which is collected with the Council Tax by Babergh District Council. HPC is able to make grants and a copy of the policy can be found under policies and procedures or grants.

Councillors must provide accurate information for the public Register of Interests which is maintained by Babergh District Council  here.