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Hire of Football Pitch - Reade Field

The Reade Field is maintained by the Parish Council and leased from The Greenwich Hospital, via The Royal Hospital School, for a rent of one Holbrook reed per annum.

The Reade Field is a valued recreational facility for all parishioners to enjoy.  There is a full sized football pitch and work is being carried out on a 5-a-side pitch.  Updating the pavilion is the next major project to improve the facilities. New fitness and play equipment was installed earlier in 2021, together with new safety surfaces for all the existing equipment.  Tree and wildflower planting continues each year to enhance the woodland area of the Reade Field.  Two new picnic benches have been added to the field and further benches are being purchased.

The Parish Council hire out the football pitch to local teams for a contribution to the maintenance of the field.  The hire agreement can be found here and the application form to hire the football pitch can be found here.

Alternatively, please contact the Parish Clerk at holbrookparishclerk@outlook.com who will provide copies of the agreement and application form.