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Ipswich Road Housing Development

This part of the website will be updated as information about the Ipswich Road (Taylor Wimpey) development is received.

The documentation associated with the planning application can be found on Babergh District Council's website HERE.

To link to Taylor Wimpey's website click HERE.

If you have concerns or wish to complain and the answer is not on this website, please contact the  BDC Planning Enforcement Team:
01473 825848 or 01473 826642

UPDATE 17th July 2017: Road works will be taking place to construct new pavements, bus shelters and zebra crossing on Ipswich Road from 24th July to 1st September 2017. For more information please click HERE. Thanks to the resident who sent a copy of the letter to the Clerk for publication.

UPDATE 10th July 2017: Contractors will be carrying out crown lifting to 1 field maple, 2 ash and a red oak at the Taylor Wimpey site at Holbrook (trees 30.31.32, 33), to allow the construction of a bus stop and pelican crossing. This will be carried out before 12th July and permission has been given by Babergh District Council's arboricultural officer for the works to be undertaken.

UPDATE 26th September 2016:
The Parish Council has received more information about the next planned works on Ipswich Road. For details click HERE.

UPDATE 20th September 2016: Street naming consultation: Councillors discussed the many suggestions made by parishioners and decided to continue with the theme of using the names of families who have contributed to the community. It was decided that the names Abbott, Wagstaff and Rodwell, with Rose as a reserve, would be sent to Babergh for consideration. Thanks to all those who sent in ideas.

UPDATE 5th September 2016: The Parish Council has received the following information:
Following the Archaeology trial trenching, there were possible features in the north of the site, I have defined the core area of interest on the attached plan which will be stripped, mapped and sampled. I am being told that the process could take four weeks. If remains extend beyond the area defined, these might be dealt with through further stripping or, given limited finds, through a watching brief. Topsoil, subsoil and any other overburden will be mechanically stripped from the excavation areas using a 14-ton 360 ° machine fitted with a toothless ditching bucket a minimum of 1.8m wide. All removed material will be stored separately adjacent to and as close as is possible and safe to the excavation area. This work will be carried out under the constant supervision of a suitably qualified archaeologist. Mechanical excavation will remove overburden down to the archaeological horizon or the undisturbed geological horizon, whichever is encountered first.  As it stands I will be looking to commence with these works on the 14th September 2016.

24th August 2016 STREET NAMING CONSULTATION: The Parish Council has been asked to propose three street names to Babergh District Council (who make the final decision). This will be discussed at the next meeting on 19th September 2016.  Ideas received to date include land use themes (wheat, barley, meadow, sugar beet etc), Holbrook historical figures (Godley, Nunn/Godbold, Rodwell etc), wildlife common on the site (Buzzard, Finch, Swallow, Hedgehog etc), Holbrook Traditions and Activities (Captain Blood Road, Steel Quoits Avenue). If you have any comments to make, or other ideas, please contact the Clerk or one of the councillors prior to the meeting. For information on street naming and numbering click HERE.

UPDATE 15th August 2016: The Parish Council has received the following information:
Our Archaeology Contractor - Archaeology South-East (A division of The Centre for Applied Archaeology, University College London) - will be commencing with trial trenching works (approximate duration of work being 10 days) on Monday 15th August 2016.
A machine (excavator) will be delivered to site at 8.30 on the first day and the contractors standard working hours are 08.00 to 16.00 (15.30 on Fridays).

UPDATE 13th July 2016: The Parish Council has received the following information:
One of our ground works contractors  will install a temporary access (agreed by Suffolk County Council Highways) to the site on the 20th July 2016 (mainly for safety reasons — to enable vehicles to pull in to site rather than parking on Ipswich Road). These works should be completed by  22nd July 2016.

UPDATE 29th April 2016: The Parish Council has received the following information:
The site boundary is being marked out today by our Surveying Company Survey Solutions, this will then enable our Ecology Contractors (CsA Environmental and Eco Site Solutions)  to carry out the boundary line strimming  and trenching works  in order to prepare  for the installation of reptile fencing  to exclude reptiles from entering the development site throughout the construction period. Our contractors  are planning to begin on  site  on Friday 29th April 2016 to initiate  the works, continuing next week.  

UPDATE 12th April 2016: The Parish Council has received the following information:
Notification of Forthcoming Tree and Hedge Cutting Works
I am writing to let you know that we will shortly be beginning a programme of clearance works as part of our forthcoming development in Ipswich Road, Holbrook - and as a local resident we want to keep you fully informed of our plans.
The works, to be carried out by our Arboricultural Contractor Urban Forestry (Bury St Edmunds) Ltd are to enable some essential hedge cutting and tree removal works in order to allow the installation of a new access road/foul water sewer connection in Ipswich Road, as part of the approved development of the site. The works will be carried out in accordance with the Arboricultural Method Statement & Tree Protection Plan by Ian Keen (February 2014), ref: 8180/02/Rev C, as required under Condition 19 of the Planning Consent.

The trees being removed and pruned are not protected by any Tree Preservation Orders and they are not situated within a Conservation area, therefore, please find a brief methodology below for working in and around our new development:
-                         Before work starts, each team will carefully survey the tree or area requiring the work for protected species, in particular for nesting birds and bats.
-                         This will be recorded on a wildlife risk assessment form (WLRA) on a daily basis. The WLRA will be updated throughout the day where necessary.
-                         If any are found, works will cease in that area and it will be reported back to Taylor Wimpey.
-                         At strategic points on the edge of the site — information boards will be erected, so that local people will know that the people working on site are aware of the potential for protected species and that our contractor will be carrying out WLRA on a daily basis.
-                         The majority of the people on site carrying out the tree works have received protected species recognition courses (primarily for bats), but they also have one member of staff, who has trained as an ecologist.


Frequently asked questions:

When will building start?
Building must start within three years of the application decision date which would be the end of July 2018.
The developers have to submit a number of detailed documents to Babergh District Council before they are permitted to begin building. These conditions are listed in the decision letter which can be found HERE.
The most recent information sent to local residents  states that building work will commence in March 2017 with the first homes going on sale early summer 2017 and completion by late 2019.

Why aren't there any play areas on the development?
One of the changes made to the site in response to the comments made by the Parish Council and individual parishioners amongst others was to reduce the density of the development.
Instead of providing a space for a play area, the developers have to make a sum of money ( £15000) available to be used on the Reade Field to improve the play provision there.

Who will be eligible to live in the affordable housing?
The final details have not been agreed yet but the documentation says that the dwellings "shall only be occupied by persons allocated in accordance with a Choice Based Lettings Scheme to which the District Council is a party..."
In other words, the criteria for eligibility will be laid down by Babergh. Holbrook Parish Council hopes to be involved in the process for agreeing the criteria in the same way that it was for the Berners Field development.

What is happening with the daffodils on Ipswich Road?
The Parish Council has informed Taylor Wimpey that the daffodils planted along the verge in front of the new development are important to the village and have asked for this to be taken into account, particularly if damage is caused during necessary building works.

Further questions will be added as they are received.

If you have any questions about the development, please contact the Clerk in the first instance by email or leave a message on 07999 583017