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Neighbourhood Plan

The Holbrook Neighbourhood Planning Group submitted an application to Babergh and Midsuffolk District Council, to define the Holbrook Neighbourhood Plan Area. They have issued the formal Designation Notice.

A copy of this, a map of the Neighbourhood Plan Area and (part redacted) application submitted can be found on their website at: www.babergh.gov.uk/HolbrookNP

The Planning Group have recently produced the Holbrook Neighbourhood Plan Site Options Assessment. This report is an independent site assessment for the Holbrook Neighbourhood Plan undertaken on behalf of Holbrook Parish Council, commissioned as part of the Locality and MHCLG Neighbourhood Planning programme. 

In order to ensure that the Neighbourhood Plan is based on a proper understanding of our area, and of the views, wants and needs of local people, the Holbrook Parish Council conducted a comprehensive survey aimed at Holbrook residents.

A questionnaire was produced that asked residents about their opinions on a broad range of subjects.

The questionnaire was launched on the 23rd February 2019, at the Holbrook Neighbourhood Plan Consultation event in Holbrook village hall and responses were collected for approximately 10 weeks. The questionnaire results are presented in the Holbrook Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire Analysis

The Suffolk Coasts and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) appointed Alison Farmer Associates to conduct a Valued Landscape Assessment of the Shotley Peninsula. The report was published in March 2020 and provides details about the following:

 “The purpose of the study is to:

- Articulate valued aspects of the landscape within the Project Area.
- Develop knowledge and understanding about the area’s natural beauty, special qualities, landscape and     cultural features which contribute to valued landscapes.
- Identify the sensitivity of the landscape to change.
- Provide evidence which can be used to inform responses to planning applications/appeals in the context  of National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) paragraph 170a.
- Better protect Project Areas against inappropriate development.

It is anticipated that the outputs from this study will be used to:

- Inform emerging Local Plan policy for the Project Area.
- Ensure that the Project Area is given due consideration in all development proposals.
- Inform future AONB Management Plan reviews (that include reference to the Additional Project Area).”

The Holbrook Neighbourhood Plan working group commissioned AECOM, through Locality, to conduct a Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) to provide evidence about housing needs to inform the production of the Neighbourhood Plan. Two research questions (RQs) were devised following the consultation events and Questionnaire with the local community for the HNA to answer. The RQs served to direct research into the key neighbourhood-level issues and provide the structure for the study:

-RQ1: What type (terrace, semi, bungalows, flats and detached) and size (number of habitable rooms) of  housing is appropriate?

-RQ2: What Affordable Housing (social housing, affordable rented, shared ownership, intermediate rented)  and market tenures should be included in the housing mix?

The full report from AECOM can be found here: Holbrook Parish Housing Needs Assessment (HNA)

If you have any questions, please contact the Parish Clerk by email: holbrookparishclerk@outlook.com.

The members of the Neighbourhood Planning Group are as follows:-

  • John Ambrose (Vice Chair of Neighbourhood Plan Working Group and Chair of Holbrook Parish Council)
  • Mike Braybrooke
  • Terence Gray
  • Louise Helliker
  • Marek Pawlewski (Chair of Neighbourhood Plan Working Group)
  • Sarah Pawlewski
  • John Williams