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Autumn Leaves

1 December 2019

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Autumn is fast approaching and with increased winds and frosts the leaves will be falling faster than they can be cleared up. The Parish Council has receved the following message from Babergh District Council to clarify their responsibilities and let you know how you can report issues.

Babergh District Council has no statutory duty to clear leaves, nor are we responsible for leaves once they have fallen from our trees. We do, however, have a duty to clear decomposed leaves which are on paths and roads (this would be classed as detritus) and to ensure that our land is safe for visitors. It is for these reasons that we clear leaves, otherwise we are happy to let nature take its course.  

The removal of fallen leaves is included as part of the routine cleansing of public highways and public open spaces. If we receive a report of fallen leaves, we will endeavour to arrange an additional cleanse of these, with the priority being those which have turned into detritus.  We do not clear leaves from private property (even if the leaves have fallen from Babergh trees) nor do we clear leaves from grass areas.

If you have any enquiries or reports regarding fallen leaves on public highways and Babergh land, please refer these to our customer services, by calling 01473 826622. Alternatively you can email public.realm@baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk or report these online at http://www.babergh.gov.uk/report-it (select report a cleansing issue).