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The Anne Robson Trust Helpline

3 August 2021

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The New Anne Robson Trust Helpline


If you or someone close to you is dying, you can talk to us. ‘No one deserves to die alone’

 The Anne Robson Trust has launched a telephone helpline to provide support to people who are struggling with the imminent death of someone they care about.

 Losing someone close can affect us in many different ways, but many of the physical and emotional impacts often come before the loss of life itself. It can be so hard to talk

about the emotions we may experience during what can be an extremely isolating time.

For Elise*, having a warm, kind human being on the end of the phone made a huge difference. “I was losing my dad to cancer and feeling at my lowest ebb. The pain I felt was

overwhelming, but speaking to the lovely people on the helpline supported me through the awful days, hearing a kind voice and being able to just chat freely was really amazing.”

 Our volunteers are here for you.

Many of us find talking, or even thinking about death difficult, and it can be particularly hard to open up conversations with our loved ones.

Planning for end of life helps us to ensure preparations are made in advance, which can help to give peace of mind to you and your family.

Our Helpline Volunteers are here to support you through the process should you wish to start having open and honest conversations about end of life, discuss your last wishes and what might happen if you become ill.

Our telephone helpline is manned by specially trained volunteers to support people across the UK. The Anne Robson Trust Telephone Helpline number is 0808 801 0688.

Lines are open: Monday to Friday 12-6pm, and calls are completely free and confidential from all UK landlines and mobiles.

To find out more please visit our website www.annerobsontrust.org.uk

 *callers details have been changed to protect privacy